Welcome to rufustory

Halo semuanya. Hi everyone! 안녕하세요 여러분.

My name is Rufus Azarya, a 25 years-old Indonesian who is currently living in Seoul.

Welcome to my first ever blog. It’s all about my own travelling stories, mostly in my second country, South Korea. This blog will become my “personal diary book” where I write all the journey I’ve been in the past and I will have in the future. It shows you how much I love travelling, as well as taking bunch of beautiful photos.


(Canola Field in Gwangmyeong Bridge, Seoul, April 2016)

The story began when I got full-scholarship from Korea government (KGSP), came to Korea on August 2014. Soon I realized how lucky I am, since I am living in a country which offers so many great experiences for travellers with interesting festivals, beautiful mountains, colorful maple trees and flowers, amazing small islands, deep blue seas, landmarks and monuments, and many more.

The first year, I lived in Gwangju City, Jeollanam Province (3,5 hours away from Seoul) taking Korean language courses in Chonnam National University. Gwangju is the sixth largest city in Korea, one of the main transit city for many smaller cities and areas in Southern part of Korea land. It was a great opportunity to explore all the places in South which you can get it around Seoul. (I’m gonna tell you the story in details for next posts).


(Incheon Grand Park, Incheon, November 2015)

One year is more than enough to explore almost all main areas in Southern area of Korea, especially in Jeollanam Province. In 2015, I moved to Seoul for my master program in Seoul National University (SNU), majoring Finance in Business and Administration Graduate School and the next chapter of my journey began. I could tell you how difficult the studying life in SNU as the best unversity in Korea, top 5 in Asian, top 50 in the world by my personal experiences. However, that motivates me to travel more as a best effective way for me to release all the stresses. Different from Southern areas, Seoul and surrounding cities also have their own stories which enrich my personal travelling experiences in Korea.


(Winter in Nami Island, Gapyeong, February 2016)


(Autumn in Nami Island, Gapyeong, October 2015)

I hope you can enjoy all the stories I write, be amazed for all the beauty of places through the pictures and videos, share it to your friends, and inspired to make your own journey.

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