Incheon Intl Airport-Seoul-Busan

Another great adventure of #rufustory in Korea had started! I was chosen as one of the participant of 2016 WOW Korea Supporters, which give me amazing opportunities to ‘travel korea like a local’, explore the unexplored, and experience more of Korea as I promote this beautiful country to everyone!

The 1st trip is Busan and Ulsan. Due to my personal case, unfortunately I couldn’t join from the 1st day, but caught up from the 2nd day in Busan. As soon as I landed in Incheon International Airport from Jakarta (Indonesia) in the morning, I continued my trip to Busan straight away.


Getting to Busan

Here’s some tips for you travelling to Busan from Incheon International Airport.

*** tips : if you have big and many luggage, you can keep it in the locker room in airport or seoul station or send the luggage to your hotel in Seoul.

  • Incheon Airport – Gimpo Airport – Gimhae Airport (by airplane)

First, you proceed to Gimpo Airport using airport limousine bus no. 6003 / 6008 /6014 and take the flight to Gimhae Airport (approx. time travel 1hour, cost minimum 50,000 won per way) and bound to Busan downtown by subway or bus for another 1 hour.

  • Incheon Airport -Busan Station (by KTX)

Take the direct KTX from Incheon Airport to Busan Station in 3,5 hours for 65,000 won

  • Incheon Airport -Seoul Station – Busan Station (by KTX)

First, proceed to Seoul Station by AREX (nonstop train service in 43 mins, cost 8000 won) or all-stop train (53 mins, cost 4,150 won) or airport limousine bus no. 6001 (1,5 hour, cost 15,000 won).

Next, take the KTX to Busan Station for around 2hour 45mins (the fastest), cost 58,900 won

  • Incheon Airport -Busan Dongbu Bus Terminal

Take the direct bus to Busan Dongbu Bus Terminal for 5,5 hours trip, cost 41,800 won

*more detailed info

Gamcheon Cultural Village

Gamcheon Cultural Village is called ‘East Asia Santorini’ because of the form of its colorful houses on the up-hill village.


Not only filled with artistic and beautiful walls, buildings and photo spots, this place also offers you one super fun activity where you can do your own “runningman” race by finding stamps in some fixed spots which you can find by looking at the map (you can get it for 3,000 won in the tourist centre nearby the entrance) as you can try many kind of street Busan foods and have break in unique cafes.





  1. Goejeong Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 6.
    – Take local bus no. 1 / 1-1 to Gamcheon Elementary School Bus Stop.
  2. Toseong Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 6.
    – Take local bus no. 1-1 / 2 / 2-2 to Gamcheon Elementary School Bus Stop.
  3. Toseong Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 4.
    – Take taxi (15 mins, cost 3,000 won)


  • You can stay until sunset for another beauty of Gamcheon Cultural Village
  • Wear sports shoes / comfortable shoes since you might walk a lot and uphill



*more info


Taejongdae is a recreational park in Busan which famous for its beautiful Yeongdo white light house and the stunning Sinseon rocky cliff facing the south sea.






From Busan Station, take bus no. 88 / 101
From Nampo Station, take bus no. 8 / 30
Get off at the last bus stop (Taejongdae Bus Stop)


  • Come earlier in the morning (especially the weekend) since the queue for the tram to the light house and sinseondae can be really long (or you can walk for 30mins)
  • Bring jacket because the wind is so strong (umbrella can be flown away)
  • Try the famous “Taejongdae Jajangmyeon and Taejongdae Jjambong”, the combination of Jajangmyeon and Jjambong with delicious local Taejongdae seafood.


*more info

#rufustory Busan Video Highlight

*watch here

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