Ulsan City is the third destination for the 2016 WOW Korea Supporters 1st Trip.

Introducing Ulsan

Ulsan.jpg*credit to the owner

Ulsan is 7th largest metropolitan (seaside) city in south-east of Korea which is famous as industrial city. Ulsan has the world’s largest automobile assembly plant operated by The Hyundai Motor Company, the world’s largest shipyard operated by Hyundai Heavy Industry and the world’s second largest oil refinery owned by SK Energy. Ulsan is also famous for “whale” as whaling industries was one of the most famous industry in Ulsan many years ago. 

Taehwagang Grand Park (태화강 대공원)

Taehwagang Grand Park is the biggest central park in Ulsan City where you can find Taehwa Bridge which across Taehwa River, as well as Taehwa Sipmni Forest which has bamboo filed and various flowers and plants. This place became more popular when President Korea Park Geun-Hye visited this plark during last year’s summer.



The first destination in Ulsan is Taehwagang Grand Park. This place is so huge, green and peaceful! It’s a perfect place for taking a walk, jogging, doing sport, even dating with girlfriend or camping with families while feeling the fresh air of Ulsan. When I came here, it rained pretty hard, but still, it was so beautiful as I feel the calm atmosphere and peaceful at the same time. For me, travelling under the rain has its own story as I keep saying for my quote that “there is always beauty of every place, because every place has its own story” -rufustory , 2016



  • Bus 407 from Ulsan Express Bus Terminal
  • Bus 337 from Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal – Get off at Croba Apartments.

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Daewangam Park (대왕암공원)

A seaside park in east coast Ulsan with the stunning seaside rocky cliff mountain (called Daewangam Island) and also beautiful white Ulgi Light House.


The second destination is Daewangam Park. It was my first time seeing such beautiful rocky cliffs facing the deep blue sea in Korea. It’s even more unforgettable when the rain got worse and the wind blew so strong and destroyed my umbrella as I passed the bridge really carefully. But it was so great experience which I have never had before. (Try if you dare..)



*credit to Sandra Ang


We managed to come here during rainy day where the wind is really strong, BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. I was totally wet and almost flown away by the super strong wind which also destroy my umbrella when I was crossing the Daewangam Bridge and taking pictures in the Daewangam Island. Never feel better!!


  • From Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal or Express Bus Terminal, walk 400m to the bus stop in front of Lotte Hotel Ulsan. Take Bus 108, 133 or 401 and get off at the entrance of Ilsan Beach. It is located about 1.2km from the bus stop.


  • Visit here during sunny day for good pictures
  • Visit here for unforgettable experience during rainy windy day (don’t forget to bring raincoat, not umbrella because the wind will fly it away, prepare waterproof camera)

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Jangsaengpo Whale Museum (장생포 고래박물관)

This museum is the first and only one Whale Museum in Korea where you can find 250 artifacts from whalers and the whaling industry . You can have a lot more fun by taking the boat tour in the port next to the museum, going to the sea and watching whale alive.



In 2014, I planned to visit this whale museum when I travelled to Busan since Ulsan is just 1 hour away from Busan. However, it was Monday so all the facilities are closed, making me changed the plan. Luckily, I visited this place for this Wow Korea trip so another travelist of #rufustory was accomplished! When I looked around inside the museum, I just wondered how many whales are swimming around in Ulsan sea at that time so they were doing the whale industry for business. For the next visit, I should try riding the boat going to sea to see the whales alive!!



From Ulsanhang Train Station, go 300m east and take Bus 246, get down at Haegunbudae Apt. (in front of Naval Base) and go straight (200m) until you see the Jangsaengpo Whale Museum on the right.


  • All facilities are closed on Monday
  •  Visit during clear sunny day for taking whale boat your otherwise they will not sail

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visited on August 28th, 2016

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