Introducing Andong

Andong is the capital of North Gyeongsang Province. Andong is famous for the original dish Andong Jjimdalk, which recently you can also find everywhere in Korea. Andong is also famous for its Hahoe Folk Village (korean traditional houses village) and the International Maskdance Festival which held in October every year.


Andong City is the first destination for the 2016 WOW Korea Supporters 2nd Trip on October 1-3.

Hahoe Mask Museum (하회동 탈 박물관)

Together with Andong Hahoe Folk Village, Hahoe Mask Museum is also UNESCO World Heritage Site and Important Folklore Material No. 122. over the world. This museum displays not only masks from Korea, but masks from all over the world.



This museum opens everyday from 09:30-18:00 with 2000 won entrance fee for adult.


You can also experience making your own korean traditional mask using colorful clas based on your creativity. I tried making my own mask TWICE because it was soo much fun. You can have this experience only with 5000 won.




  • Bus 46 bound for Hahoe Village (하회마을) from Andong Bus Terminal or Andong Station (bus 46 runs 10 times a day from 06.20-18.20)
  • Get off at the museum (ask the driver to drop you off at the museum (Tal Bangmulgwan))

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Andong Hahoe Folk Village [UNESCO World Heritage] (안동 하회마을)


Hahoe Folk Village is an area of Korean traditional houses where you can feel the atmosphere of Korea in the old times. Hahoe Folk Village is the home to descendants of the Ryu clan of Pungsan from  Joseon Period.




Hahoe Folk Village was getting more famous after Queen Elizabeth of England visited this village on April 21, 1999.


Hahoe Folk Village is also famous for its cherry-blossoms lined trees which are pinky during spring time. In October, the lined trees are just green, but still pretty isn’t it?



  • Bus 46 bound for Hahoe Village (하회마을) from Andong Bus Terminal or Andong Station (bus 46 runs 10 times a day from 06.20-18.20)
  • If you visit Hahoe Mask Museum first, you can reach Hahoe Folk Village by walking for 5 minutes.


  • Visit here on early April for the pink cherryblossoms
  • This place is similar to the famous Korean Folk Vilage in Jeju Island, so you can visit this place as alternative.

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Andong Jjimdak Street (안동 찜닭 골목)

Another famous spot in Andong city is the Jjimdak street where you can find so many restaurants selling the original Andong Jjimdak.


Andong jjimdak is a variety of jjim (a Korean steamed or boiled dish), made with chicken, various vegetables marinated in a ganjang (Korean soy sauce) based sauce.


  • From Andong bus terminal, take bus 11 and get off at 신통의원 (Sin-tong-e-won) bus stop for  22 mins.
  • From Andong station, you can walk for about 500 meter (10 mins)


  • You can order the nonspicy one if you don’t like spicy
  • Eat together with some other friends (1 portion is for 4 people, cost around 25.000 won)


International Andong Maskdance Festival

The annual festival offers you more than 50 events and hands-on experience program such as the performances of Korea’s traditional mask dances, maskdance performances form other countries, world mask competition, maskdance learning, mask making, and many moreimg_0278




The most important thing of a festival in Korea is the food tents.


I was so lucky as I managed to see the fireworks as I came on the first day of festival for the opening ceremony.


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visited on September 30th, 2016

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