Haneul Gongwon 하늘 공원 (Sky Park)

Haneul Gongwon (하능공원) is one of the most visited park in Seoul. Like its name (Haneul means Sky), this park is located in the highest park of World Cup Stadium park, on the top of a hill.



To reach Haneul Gongwon, you can get off at Subway Line 6 World Cup Stadium Station and take Exit 1 (you will see Homeplus when you get out). There are two ways to get to the Haneul Gongwon which is about 1 km away from the station.

  1. Walking for about 30 mins (including 291 stairs)
  2. Taking a shuttle ride from the World Cup Staidum parking lot, cost 2000 won per person.


If you decide to walk, as soon as you get out from the Homeplus area, you will see a hill in front of you, the Haneul Gongwon is on the top of that. First, you have to across the road, and follow the road towards the hill until you see a bridge and steep stairs.


Prepare your energy since climbing up the 291 stairs is quite tiring.



As soon as you reach the top, you can see the full view of World Cup Stadium from above which is amazing.


You still have to walk for a little bit more following this pathway until you see the main entrance of the Haneul Gongwon.



In October, more people even visit Haneul Gongwon for the Seoul Eulalia Festival to see the lush Eulalia. This year, the festival is held from October 7 until 16, still ongoing until this Sunday. But you do not be worry since you can still see the fully bloomed Eulalia grass until the end of the month, even after the festival finished.


You can also experience sunset moment in Haneul Gongwon if you come late in the afternoon around 5pm.




  • Get off at World Cup Stadium Station (Line 6), take Exit 1
  • Walking to the Haneul Gongwon for 30 mins (1km) or taking a shuttle ride from the World Cup Stadium parking lot for 2000 won per person


  • If you can’t walk too much or come along with parents / children, it’s better to take the shuttle for going up and coming back by walking
  • If you visit there in the weekend, there might be long queue for taking the shuttle

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