Suwon’s Kochia Flower Field

Have you ever heard about the Hitachi Seaside Park in Hokkaido, Japan, which famous for the beautiful red kochia flowers? Those amazing flowers also grows in Korea during late September until early October when the temperature is cooling down.



Kochia flower  is tiny, but has bright red color which looks so pretty when you see bunch of them bloom altogether, like a magic red carpet.


A bit late to visit, since some of the flowers were already turning brown, but good camera and good angle can give you such beautiful shot!


Even though the flower field is relatively so small, but still give you a beautiful view to see (since we do not have that much flowers in entire Korea, some in Everland I guess) and amazing pictures to capture.


  • Take subway Shinbundang Line (Pink) to Sanghyeon Station (상현역)
  • When you get out from exit 2, you gonna see a bus stop just in front of you
  • Take bus no 55 which comes every 15-20 mins
  • After 10 mins riding (4 stops away), get off at Gwanggyo Hosu Gongwon Bus Stop (광교호수공원).
  • You gonna see the field just in front of you


  • Early October would be the best time for visit, I visited on October 18, 2016 when 50% of flowers turned into brown already.
  • Wear soft color clothes (white, pink) to get most beautiful picture among the reds.

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