Incheon Grand Park (인천대공원)

Incheon also offers you a magical view of Autumn in Korea in Incheon Grand Park which hit the peak on late October annually (Oct 20-30). In this urban natural park, you can see thousands autumn trees which delight your eyes even from the main entrance.


They also have a mini lake in the centre of the park, surrounded by the colorful autumn trees.


The best time to visit this park is at 7am when you still can see the sun which is still low and there are not many people yet so you can take good pictures in the main spot.



The main spot of Incheon Grand Park is the “Autumn Tree Tunnel” (단풍터널) which can be described only with one word : AMAZING. This place looks like a tunnel or a cave because the autumn trees were placed on both side along the road and the leaves meet above.


As I arrived early in the morning, the sun was still low and the sunlight came through the leaves and branches making the view was even more beautiful




Just beside the lake, you can also have another good spot as they put many rocks where you can sit while enjoy the lake view.



  • Take subway to Songnae Station (Line 1), and get out from Exit 1.
  • Just in front of the station, you can see the bus stop. Take bus no. 103, 16-1, 909 and get off at Incheon Grand Park.


  • Come early in the morning to get the sunlight come through the tunnel as well as avoid many people pass by to take better pictures.
  • Take picture on the lake first when the sun is still low
  • Use the maximum zoom (any camera or phone) when you take picture of the tunnel to make “blur effect” for the further part of the tunnel.

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visited on November 4th, 2015, 8am

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