Incheon Grand Park (인천대공원)

I managed to visit Incheon Grand Park again this autumn, and for earlier time when the foliage .almost reached the peak (80%). Here I want to update some recent photos to give you brief look how it looks like recently.


My prediction, the peak is ongoing until November 5, but you can still see it until November 15 at least.



  • Take subway to Songnae Station (Line 1), and get out from Exit 1.
  • Just in front of the station, you can see the bus stop. Take bus no. 103, 16-1, 909 and get off at Incheon Grand Park.


  • Come early in the morning to get the sunlight come through the tunnel as well as avoid many people pass by to take better pictures.
  • Take picture on the lake first when the sun is still low
  • Use the maximum zoom (any camera or phone) when you take picture of the tunnel to make “blur effect” for the further part of the tunnel.

*more info

visited on October 23rd, 2016, 11am

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