Jinhae, the best place for Cherry Blossom in Korea

Jinhae is the best, the most beautiful place to visit when Cherry Blossom blooms in Korea. It is because the whole city of Jinhae is PINK between March 20th – April 10th. They also held the annual festival on April 1-10 where people from all over Korea gather here. That’s why some people said that during the festival you can see people more than Cherry Blossom flowers in Jinhae lol.

I went there last year on March 30-31, 2016 before the festival started to avoid people (since I dont want people’s head ruin my photos). I’m gonna give you recommended itinerary and tips for 2 DAYS and 1 NIGHT trip in Jinhae.

Day 1 . Yeojwacheon Stream, Light Festival, Jjimjilbang Stay

The best way to get to Jinhae from Seoul is taking DIRECT BUS, since taking KTX (even though it can be faster)is quite confusing since you will get off in other city, and transfer taking bus to Jinhae.

The direct bus is from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Jinhae Bus Terminal, takes you 4,5 hours and cost 26.100 won. They have direct bus for 13 times a days, start from 07.00, 08.20, 09.50 …. 20.00, 23.10 (Tip : book early, up to 1 month before, especially if you want to travel during the festival). You can reserve the bus ticket (GO and BACK) through this website https://txbus.t-money.co.kr or https://www.bustago.or.kr (korean only).

Yeojwacheon Stream (Romance Bridge)

Yeojwacheon Stream is one of the main spot for Cherry Blossom in Jinhae. It’s truely a stream with a little of water between the beautiful brown bridge and Cherry Blossom trees are grown along the stream. During the spring festival, usually they also decorate the stream with umbrella, and also LEDs which on at the night.




As you arrive in the bus terminal, you can just walk (15 mins) or taking bus number 760 for 9 mins to the first spot, called Yeojwacheon Stream. Here’s the direction


  • The bus ride is only 14 mins, 4 bus stops away
  • GET ON the BUS 760 or 160 at the bus stop accros the Jinhae Bus Terminal. The bus station is called Inedongjongjeom Bus Stop (6330064)
  • GET OFF at JinhaeYeok Bus Stop (519804)


Yeojwacheon Stream Light Festival

Time gonna flies so fast as you see the miracle of pink flowers there. But it’s not over yet since after you grab some dinner you can enjoy the magical colorful light festival, combined with the warm pink flowers.




Jjimjilbang Stay

If you plan for 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT trip, you can sleep over at hotel, motel or jjimjilbang around the festival area, but I prefer jjimjilbang as a local traveller (10.000won).

There are many jimjilbang around the area festival, but the nearest is Oasis Jjimjilbang, 15mins walking from Kyeonghwa Station, the 2nd Cherry Blossom Festival Place. Here’s the direction


  • The bus ride is only 23 mins, 9 bus stops away
  • GET ON the bus no. 307, 315-1, 315-2 from Jinhae Yeok bus stop ACCROS Jinhae Station (look at the map below, left side)
  • GET OFF at Kyeonghwa Station bus stop. (Kyeonghwa Station, the 2nd festival place, just in front of you, but if you wish to stay over, you can follow the map below
  • (right side) to Oasis Jjimjilbang which is around 15 mins walking.


Day 2. Kyeonghwa Station, Back to Seoul

Kyeonghwa Station

Kyeonghwa Station is the other best spot for Cherry Blossom. This place is a train station which still operates, where the Cherry Blossom trees are all over the station area, especially between the rail road which is so amazingly pretty.

Last time I stayed in Oasis Jjimjilbang and left to Kyeonghwa early in the morning at 6am to be able to take best show when there’s still no people.



KakaoTalk_20170316_161546368KakaoTalk_20170316_161546666IMG_4292Back to Seoul

You can go back to seoul by the same direct bus, BUT do not forget to BUY IN ADVANCE as soon as you arrive in the Jinhae Bus Terminal


  • The bus ride is only 23 mins, 14 bus stops away
  • GET ON the bus no. 307, 315-1, 315-2 from Kyeonghwa Station bus stop JUST IN FRONT OF the main gate of Kyeonghwa Station (look at the map below, left)
  • GET OFF at Namwon Rotary bus stop and walk to bus terminal for 5 mins, follow the map below (right side).



  • Visit Jinhae 1-2 days BEFORE the festival starts. The best date to go is March 29th-31th if you wish to visit when there are less people. Do not worry that you wont see the flowers, since the Cherry Blossom usualy already reached the peak by March 30th.
  • Reserve the bus ticket (ONE WAY or ROUNDTRIP) from Seoul Nambu to Jinhae Bus Terminal as EARLIEST as possible (1 month before is better), using this link *click here (Korean only)
  • If you don’t want to reserve through online, buy the bus ticket BACK TO SEOUL as soon as you arrive in Jinhae Bus Terminal or you wont get it,  especially during the festival
  • Bring camera, tripod, selfie stick, wear clothes which is not pink or white (so you will look better on camera)
  • Get ready to just walk to the festival area if you visit during festival since the traffic is so bad.

[Recommended Itinerary]

Day 1

  • 9.50 Leave from Seoul Nambu Buss Terminal
  • 14.10 Arrive at Jinhae Bus Terminal
  • 14.20 Take bus no 760/160, going to Yeojwacheon Stream
  • 14.30 – 17.30 Yeojwacheon Stream
  • 17.30 – 18.30 Dinner
  • 18.30 – 20.00 Yeonjwacheon Stream Light Festival
  • 20.15 Going to Wangja MokTang Jjimjilbang, sleep over

Day 2

  • 8.00 Leave the Jjimjilbang, going to Kyeonghwa Station (walking 10 mins)
  • 8.15 Arrive at Kyeonghwa Station
  • 8.15 – 10.15 Kyeonghwa Station
  • 10.15 Going back to Jinhae Bus Terminal
  • 11.00 Going back to Seoul

*more info

visited on March 30th, 2016

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  1. inesia

    halo kak, saya mau tanya. kalo misal di awal may tanggal 5 gitu di jinhae pasti udah ga ada ya cherry blossomnya? kira kira kalo destinas lain di seoul yg masih ada cherry blossom nya dimana ya? need ur advice hehe

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