Gurye Sansuyu Village

Sansuyu flower is the second to bloom when spring comes to Korea. Sansuyu has yellow color with unique form.



The Sansuyu Village is located in the entrance of Jirisan Mountain, one of the most famous mountain in southern part of Korea.


The flower usually starts to bloom on 2nd week of March and get its peak on 3rd week of March every year as they also held annual festival. In 2017, the festival is held from March 18-26. The best time to visit is March 20-25 before rain and wind blow the flower petals.


They also build brown woody pathway along the village to accommodate guests walking and enjoying the sansuyu flowers which bloom along the way


In this village, they have a small river where all the sansuyu flowers bloom along the stream.


The most highlight thing from my trip was photo session with our lovely Monica wearing white dress and flower crown.


It’s quite complicated to reach this place as I recommend you to take daily tour from some agency departing from Seoul such as trazy, wemakeprice, etc. But if you wish to travel alone, here’s the information.


  • Take direct bus from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Gurye Bus Terminal for about 4 hours.
  • Take local bus heading to Jungdong from Gurye Bus Terminal and get off at Jirisan Hot Spring bus stop.


  • Check the official website or recent photos on instagram before you visit, every year the condition is different. The best time to visit os March 20-25
  • Visit on weekday and early in the morning to avoid crowd.
  • If you wish to travel with daily tour from Seoul, reserve some weeks in advance because it’s gonna be sold out so fast.
  • Wear clothes whose color is contrast to yellow so you look better in photos.

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visited on March 22th, 2017

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