Jinhae (2017 updated)

Everyone knows that Jinhae city is the most beautiful place in Korea for seeing cherry blossom. It’s super recommended for travellers who come to Korea during late March until April 1st week to visit this city. Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival itself held between April 1 – 10 everyear. Why it’s so pretty? The whole entire is city is PINK as cherry blossom grows everywhere.

Gyeonghwa Station

Gyonghwa Station is used to be train station where cherry blossoms trees grow along the rail way. They also put the real train during Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival to make it more beautiful.


If you are a photographer and like to take perfect picture, you can come to this place at the dawn and use long exposure when it’s still dark. I arrived at 5.15am in the morning and took some best shots.


Yeojwacheon Stream

The 2nd must visited place after Gyeonghwa Station when you are in Jinhae is Yeojwacheon Stream where you can see the cherry blossom tree along the stream for about 1 km long.



Jinhae Inland Water Ecopark

At the end of Yeojwacheon Stream, they have a park with small lake called Jinhae Inland Water Ecopark.


Jinhae Naval Base Command

You ca also take a stroll to the left side of Yeojwacheon stream (5 mins walking) to visit the Jinhae Naval Base Command area where you can also see chery blossoms


Jinhae District Office

Jinhae is a perfect place to explore cherry blossom spot as the whole city has it. I went to the Jinhae District Office area, 30 mins away from Yeojwacheon or 20 mins away from Gyeonghwa Station by bus 307. They have cherry blossom trees around the area.


Just next to the district office, there is a way uphill where you will find baseball court,


If you keep walking uphill you will see a pink hill, full of cherry blossom



Wood Culture Experience Centre (목재문화체험장)

Keep walking from Jinhae district office and take the left way in the intersection to visit the Wood Culture Experience Centre.


Jinhae Dream Park

My cherry blossom adventure is not finished yet as I explore the Jinhae Dream Park and the surrounding, next to the culture centre to take some best photos.


Photoshoot in Jinhae

Jinhae is also perfect place to take photoshoot, beauty shoot, couple shoot, even prewedding photos


Are you ready to explore Jinhae city?

I already wrote the detailed direction, tips and itenerary of Jinhae trip in my previous post. You can click here

visited on April 4th, 2017

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