Wonmisan Mountain Azalea Festival

Azalea flower is purple flower which usually bloom on early April in Korea.


Wonmisan Mountain Azalea Festival is held on April 7-9 this year. Beside Wonmisan, there are other Azalea Festival such as Yeongchwisan Azalea Festival (Yeosu, early April) and Goryeosan Mountain Azalea Festival (Incheon, late April).


Not only purple Azalea, yellow Forthysia also blooms around the mountain make it more colorful.


If you walk around, they have a pretty bridge, a good spot for you to take good picture. Meanwhile if you reach the peak, you can see Bucheon Stadium from above.



  • Take subway to Bucheon Stadium Station (Line 7), take exit 2
  • Walk straight for around 500 m, just afer you pass the stadium you will see sign “The Azale Garden” (photo below), that’s the entrance of the festival


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visited on April 7th, 2017

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