Incheon Songdo Central Park

Incheon is one of the recommended destination if you have much time in Korea since its only 1,5 hour away from Seoul by subway. Recently, Incheon is getting more famous as they keep developing the area for residence and tourism. One of the most popular place in Incheon is Songdo Central Park area, which is part of Songdo International City.


The first spot you have to visit is the monument Tri Bowl which has meaning to represent the harmony of sky, ocean, and earth. *more info


Second thing to do in Songdo Central Park is riding the water taxi to explore the man-made canal among the high beautiful buildings of Songdo. It only cost you 4000 won per person (adult) and 2000 (child). If you’re coming from Tri Bowl, the port to take water taxi is on left side, edge of river.


Third, you have to try super fun outdoor activity in Songdon Central Park, which is riding kanoe (25k-35k for 3 people), kayak (25k for 3 people) and boat (35k for 3 people). The ticket counter for this activity is inside the sunset cafe. If you’re coming from Tri Bowl, it is on right side, edge of river.

F86A3865F86A3863F86A3807F86A3815F86A3816F86A3841F86A3843F86A3876F86A3830F86A3853F86A3866The most unforgettable but also pricey experience of Songdo Central Park is staying in Korean Traditional Style 5 STAR Hotel, Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel (operated by Accor Hotel). This hotel is such a perfect combination of artistic culture and luxurious design. You will feel like a King who stays in a Korean modern castle in 21 century. *more info



  • Take subway line Incheon 1 to Central Park Station
  • Take exit 3 and you will get out at Tri Bowl.
  • From Tri Bowl, go to the left if you want to take water taxi, go to your right if you want to ride the kano and kayak.

*more info



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