Daegu City (Travel & Eat)

Daegu is the 4th largest city after Seoul, Busan and Incheon which is located in North Gyeongsang Province. Even though Daegu is famous for being the hottest place in Korea (called as Daeafrica = Daegu+Africa because of the hot weather), Daegu also offers you many tourist attractions to visit. In addition, Daegu is also famous for festivals such as Daegu Lantern Festival in April and Daegu Chimac Festival in July. Here I introduce you some recommended place to visit for sightseeing and meal.

  1. Shinsegae Department Store at Dong Daegu Station


If you wish to visit Daegu, you can take express bus to Dong Daegu Bus Terminal or KTX to Dong Daegu Station. The first place you can visit is Shinsegae Department Store which is connected to bus terminal (same building) and also KTS station (next to it). Shinsegae Departement Store in Daegu was just opened in October 2016 and became the 2nd largest department store in Korea, and in Asia. 9 floor of department store not only consist of famous shopping brand stores, but also aquarium and also mini zoo (Zooraji) on the roof top.


  • From outside Daegu, take bus or KTX to Dong Daegu
  • From other area in Daegu, take subway to Dong Daegu Station and take exit 1

2. Dongseongno


If you manage to visit Myeongdong in Seoul, Daegu also has it own bigger version of Myeongdong which is Dongseongno. It has bigger area, more stores and shops as well as unique, cool, cute cafes which are really popular in Daegu.


  • Take subway to Jungangno Station (Daegu Subway Line 1), Exit 2.

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3. Kim Gwang Seok Street


Kim Gwang Seok street is a mural street which is decorated with wall paintings as well as art stuff shops along the street where you can take walk enjoying the arts as well as take photos with your beloved ones. This place was built to remember a famous singer from Daegu, Kim Gwang Seok who already passed away. In the end of the road, you will find newly opened Kim Gwang Seok House where you can visit and get information about the singer’s life.



  • Take subway to Gyeongdae Hospital Station (Daegu Subway Line 2)
  • Take Exit 3 and walk straight for 300 m.
  • You will see the entrance of Kim Gwang Seok Street.

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4.  Apsan Mountain (Cable Car + Observatory)


Apsan mountain is 600m high mountain located in south of Daegu. You can take cable car to get to the observatory deck to see the Daegu city from above. Round trip ticket for Apsan cable car is only 9,500 won.


  • Take subway to Anjirang Station (Daegu Subway Line 1), take Exit 3.
  • Take Bus 410 and get off at Apsan Park (앞산공원).

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5. Seomun Market


If you like to explore market in a city, Daegu has one of the biggest market in Korea which is Seomun Market.


  • Take subway to Seomunsijang Station (Daegu Subway Line 2), and take Exit 1

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6. The Arc


The ARC is a monument building which geometrical design represent the sky, the earth, culture and river culture. The ARC is an abbreviation of Architecture of River Culture and Artistry of River Culture. The building has exhibition spaces and art galleries on the basement floor while the monument structure has lights on during the night.


  • Take subway to Daesil Station (Daegu Subway Line 2) and take Exit 2
  • Take a right and walk straight for 130 m and take Bus Seongseo 2. Get off at Gangjeongbo (The Art Cultural Center) Bus Stop.
  • From the bus stop, walk to the venue for about 10 minutes.

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7. Daegu Chimac Festival


Chimac Festival is the annual summer festival where people gather to enjoy chicken (CHI) and beer (MAC, form Mekju = beer in korean) while enjoying music performances located in Duryu Park. The festival is only held in July month for around one week. As people Korean love drinking so much, this festival is really popular in Korea as many people from other cities come to enjoy the festivals together.


  • Take subway to Duryu Station (Daegu Subway Line 2)
  • Take Exit 14 and walk straight for 600m until you see the entrance of Duryu Park on your right

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8. Sky Lake Beauty Shop (Dongseongno Branch)


You can also experience making skin care facial mask and mist from natural resources in Skylake Beauty Shop. It only const you 12.000 won per person to make your own facial mask.


  • Take subway to Jungangno Station (Daegu Subway Line 1)
  • Take Exit 2, go straight and turn left in Lotteria alley.
  • Keep going straight and turn right on 4th alley and you wil see the entrance of the shop on your right.

9. Recommended Restaurant & Cafe in Daegu

Bongsan Jjim Kalbi


The famous Daegu Jjim Kalbi (Steam Ribs) with garlic and spices flavor is sooo delicious as the beef is so tender. In this area, you will find many Jjim Kalbi restaurants, but this is one if the best based on Daegu local people.  One portion for one people is 18.000 with spicy or non spicy flavor.


봉신찜갈비. Address : 대구광역시 중구 동덕로36길 9-18. Phone : 0507-1407-4203

  • Take subway to Chilseong Market Station (Daegu Subway Line 1)
  • Take exit 3 and go to your right (do not cross the road), go straight untill you get to big intersection, across the road to opposite side.
  • Keep walking straight with the same direction as before and you will see GS gas station on your left which is about 100 m from the intersection.
  • Turn left on the alley and you will see the restaurant

Bangcheon Sundae Dweji Gukbab


This restaurant is famous with the most delicious pork leg (Jokbal) in Daegu. If you like Jokbal, you have to come this place for sure. The place is near Kim Gwang Seok Street as you can have meal there after or before you visit the mural street.


방천순대. Address : 대구광역시 중구 달구벌대로446길 7-9. Phone : 053-425-7773

  • Take subway to Gyeongdae Hostpital Station (Daegu Subway Line 2)
  • Take exit 3 and go straight for 100 m and you will see Bangcheon Market entrance on your right, go inside.
  • In the first intersection, turn left and you will see the restaurant on your left (20 m away from intersection

Geun Mam Halmae Sundaegug (Keimyung Store)


This restaurant is belong to BTS’ Suga Family which is located nearby Keimyung University. Many people visit not only because they want to try the delicious food, but also they want to see BTS’ Suga Mom, Dad and Brother in person.


큰맘할배순대국. Address : 대구광역시 달서구 서당로9길 37. Phone : 053-588-5556

  • Take subway to Keimyung University Station (Daegu Subway Line 2)
  • Take exit 6 and go straight 300m until you see big intersection and across it.
  • Keep straight for a little bit and turn right on first alley and you will find restaurant on your right

Lucid Cafe


This cafe is also located near Kim Gwang Seok Street as you can visit before or after. The cafe is famous for its traditional interior design with modern desserts. One of the speciality dessert during summer is the cherry menus.


루시드. Address : 대구광역시 중구 동덕로14길 7. Phone : 053-428-7020

  • Take subway to Gyeongdae Hostpital Station (Daegu Subway Line 2)
  • Take exit 3, go straight a little bit, and turn right on first alley.
  • Go straight and turn right on the 3rd intersection and the cafe will be on your right

Mr. Cafe (Poop Ice Bingsu)


This cafe is popular because of its unique menus which is Poop Ice Bingsu which looks like poop in the toilet mug. You can visit this place while you visit Seomun Market as the cafe is located in one of the building. When you visit Seomun Market (Seomun Market Station) you can ask people the direction to the food area and the cafe is there.

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