Seoul is always being an expected destination for everyone who likes Korean drama and Kpop. Seoul can be a city which is inspiring for many people, as well as for Ms. Laely who is a book writer. She came to Korea with her beloved son (people mistaken him as her younger brother, since Ms. Laely is still very young) to experience the romantic and beautiful Korean scenery directly by their own eyes. 180501RLaely-0002180501RLaely-0064180501RLaely-0121180501RLaely-0159180501RLaely-0174180501RLaely-0186180501RLaely-0247180501RLaely-0276180501RLaely-0277180501RLaely-0278180501RLaely-0326180501RLaely-0445180501RLaely-0505180501RLaely-0511180501RLaely-0599180501RLaely-0600180501RLaely-0619180501RLaely-0647180501RLaely-3061180501RLaely-3094180501RLaely-3128180501RLaely-3139180501RLaely-3181180501RLaely-3230180501RLaely-3259180501RLaely-3272180501RLaely-3303180501RLaely-3347180501RLaely-3372180501RLaely-3450180501RLaely-3492180501RLaely-3528180501RLaely-3577180501RLaely-3616180501RLaely-3621180501RLaely-3624180501RLaely-3640180501RLaely-3659180501RLaely-3694180501RLaely-3703


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