Devid & Rachel

It is a dream for some people to become Korean Prince and Princess for one day for their prewedding photo. This time, Devid and Rachel wrote their own love story wearing hanbok and taking photo in Gyeongbok Palace. They are so young and sweet, the chemistry is so strong an lovable. Wish both of you a happily ever after marriage life soon.

180728 Rachel Devid-0004180728 Rachel Devid-0008180728 Rachel Devid-0013180728 Rachel Devid-0014180728 Rachel Devid-0035180728 Rachel Devid-0037180728 Rachel Devid-0054180728 Rachel Devid-0067180728 Rachel Devid-0069180728 Rachel Devid-0080180728 Rachel Devid-0087180728 Rachel Devid-0100180728 Rachel Devid-0104180728 Rachel Devid-0108180728 Rachel Devid-0121180728 Rachel Devid-0137180728 Rachel Devid-0138180728 Rachel Devid-0144180728 Rachel Devid-0175180728 Rachel Devid-0176180728 Rachel Devid-0183180728 Rachel Devid-0197180728 Rachel Devid-0223180728 Rachel Devid-0231180728 Rachel Devid-0243180728 Rachel Devid-0258180728 Rachel Devid-0264180728 Rachel Devid-0269180728 Rachel Devid-0274180728 Rachel Devid-0275180728 Rachel Devid-0279180728 Rachel Devid-0284

You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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