Back to 1940s with Anak Jajan

Recently, the 1940s vintage outfit is getting popular again among Korean. One of the main reason is the popularity of korean drama Mr. Sunshine which attract many korean to experience wearing the outfit which appeared on that drama. There are some places in Ikseondong where you can rent this outfit cost 35.000 won (33 usd) for 3 hours. The cost will include the outfit, accessory, bag, tie, gloves, hat, as well as 10 minutes of using thier photo studio set. Due to high demand especially on weekend, you need to make reservation by email in advance.

Kyungsung Clothes 경성의복
56 Samil-daero 30-gil, Ikseon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 10.00-20.00

You can wear this vintage outfit while go around Ikseondong area which is so famous as hot place in Seoul. Ikseondong used to be a residential area with small alleys which house is still in traditional style of Hanok (Korean Traditional House). However, they change this small area into hot places with many recommended restaurant (famous for its international food such as thai food, western food) as well as pretty, unique, traditional cafes.

This time, we had collaboration photo session with Anak Jajan, a very famous food and travel blogger couple from Indonesia. Thankyou Ko Marius and Ci Julia for the opportunity. It was so much fun!


You can have your own beautiful photo story s well with #rufustory.

Click HERE to ask for more info and reservation.

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