Autumn in Arashiyama Kyoto

Autumn is always being favorite season of the year everywhere. Kyoto is one of the most popular destination to visit in Japan during peak autumn period which is between late November untill middle of December every year. There are many places you can visit to see the beautiful mapple trees and autumn foliage when you are visiting Kyoto, one of them is Arashiyama. Not only famous for its spectacular bamboo forest which you can see anytime, autumn scenery on this area is known very pretty as well. No matter that more people come to Arashiyama when the leaves are changing color.

This time, Deddy and Susan had unforgettable autumn season photo session in Arashiyama. We started earlier in the morning to avoid the crowd especially for taking picture at the most famous spot of bamboo forest tunnel which is super challenging when there are many people. We continued explore the autumn beauty in Tenryuji Temple (next to the forest), then ended up on the side of river.

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