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Night in Kyoto - Kyoto’s ambience at night became very romantic when a couple had their prewedding photo session. Next to the downtown area where people come to shop and eat, there is a bridge which has a very beautiful and romantic view at night. Despite of the cold on month of November, they had unforgettable moment posing with […]
Autumn in Arashiyama Kyoto - Autumn is always being favorite season of the year everywhere. Kyoto is one of the most popular destination to visit in Japan during peak autumn period which is between late November untill middle of December every year. There are many places you can visit to see the beautiful mapple trees and autumn foliage when you […]
Farhad Family in Petite France - Farhad and Hamidah came to Korea 2 years ago for their honeymoon as you can see their beautiful post honeymoon photo session here. This time they came with beloved daughter who is 6 months old, name Shireen Namira Hafa. She is very cute and pretty with big beautiful eyes so everyone says that she looks […]
Old School Uniform - Having trip in Korea is always interesting. You can experience many things such as wearing Hanbok (Korean Traditional Clothes), 1940s Vintage Outfit, as well as Korean Old School Uniform. This outfit is truly the uniform style which used many years ago in Korea. The color is only black and white, with yellow tag on your […]
Little Aaron - April is always the best month to visit Korea. Especially on the first and second week when cherry blossom hits its peak time to bloom beautifully. This time, cute little Aaron together with Indonesian Mommy, Spanish Daddy, and little brother inside Mommy’s tummy had family photo session in Seoul Forest Park. So much fun! You […]
Back to 1940s with Anak Jajan - Recently, the 1940s vintage outfit is getting popular again among Korean. One of the main reason is the popularity of korean drama Mr. Sunshine which attract many korean to experience wearing the outfit which appeared on that drama. There are some places in Ikseondong where you can rent this outfit cost 35.000 won (33 usd) […]
Haneul Love - Coming to Korea together with people you love surely will make your trip so much more memorable. Especially when they are your boyfriend and best friends. This double-couple best friends were having so much fun and happy photo session with rufustory. We had session in Haneul Park (means Sky Park) which famous for its beautiful […]
Harry Potter Cafe Seoul - Do you want to experience Harry Potter magic world in the real life? You don’t need to travel far away to UK since you can also experience it in Seoul, South Korea. This is a Harry Potter themed cafe which bring you to feel the magic world atmosphere while enjoying a cup of coffee. The […]
Cafe with Best Autumn View in Seoul - Autumn in Korea is never dissapointing. It’s very beautiful everywhere since all the trees are changing color, even trees on the street. I have one of my favorit cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while seing amazing view of Seoul City’s autumn scenery from above. The cafe is called Darak Cafe. Here […]
Sam & Lisa - Autumn in Korea never dissapoint you, it’s very beautiful, especially this year when the leaves turning color earlier. I guess this is the greatest gift from God for this sweet couple, Sam & Lisa, who are going to get married this week. Since the prewedding shoot need to be done earlier, that’s why autumn came […]