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CAFE WITH NAMSAN TOWER VIEW - If you are cafe-lover, you must try visiting this amazing cafe, Tertre Cafem located around Dongdaemun. This cafe offers you beautiful Namsan Tower view, unique and cool architecture and also delicious artsy food and beverages. I came to this cafe with friends and we manage to capture some casual shoots. The view is super cool, […]
TOKYO TEAMLAB - Tokyo is always full of fun. They offer visitors many interesting destinations to visit. Not only somewhere cultural, but also something artsy such as TeamLab. TeamLab is an art museum that utilizes digital technology so you can enjoy art in different sensation. Back in May 2019, we visited TeamLab with Glenn Alinskie, Chelsea Olivia & Nastusha. […]
PINK MUHLY GRASS IN SEOUL - If you come to Seoul on early month of October, do not forget to see the pink muhly grass which grows during that periode. One of the easiest way to see this beautiful grass is visiting Haneul Park. There is a small section of Haneul Park where the pink muhly grows and you can take […]
CHERRYBLOSSOM In SEOUL - You really can not miss cherry blossom flower if you visit Seoul on first and second week of April. This beautiful pink flower will fully bloom between April 5-15 annually in Seoul area (other areas of Korea might be earlier / later depend on the location). One of the most favourite spot to see the […]
TOKYO DISNEYLAND IS ALWAYS FUN - Disneyland is always perfect place to go for everyone who travels with children. Children can always have fun in Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland is one of the most favourit spot for photoshoot in Tokyo. This time we show you how Moonella’s family had so much fun photoshoot in Tokyo Disneyland. *tips: do not forget prepare candy, […]
SAKURA PEAK aT SHINJUKU GYOEN - If you come to Tokyo during the sakura peak season, which is around late March until earlier April, you should visit Shinjuku National Garden (Shinjuku Gyoen). This park is one the most beautiful place to see Japanese sakura in Tokyo. Not only the park’s location is in the middle of Tokyo City, there are so […]
ASAKUSA TEMPLE IN TOKYO - People asked which place is the most favourit for photo session. My answer would be Asakusa Temple. This place is famous for its beautiful temple area which shows you Japanese culture. Moreover, they have many Kimono Rental Shops around the area where you can experience wearing Japanese traditional clothes while taking good pictures with your […]
KING & QUEEN OF KOREA - Having photo-session while wearing Hanbok in Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most favorit choice for most visitors coming to Seoul. Not only you can experience being a King or Queen of Korea for some hours with the clothes, but you can also capture beautiful moment with your lover. Gyeongbokgung area is very beautiful, big and wide, […]
Night at SHIBUYA - People say that you have not visited Tokyo, Japan if you never visited Shibuya and experiencing crossing the most crowded crossing street in the world. Having photoshoot here is fun and also challenging. You need to wait the traffic light until it turns green, and you only have 1 minute long time to shoot some […]
Night in Kyoto - Kyoto’s ambience at night became very romantic when a couple had their prewedding photo session. Next to the downtown area where people come to shop and eat, there is a bridge which has a very beautiful and romantic view at night. Despite of the cold on month of November, they had unforgettable moment posing with […]