Farhad & Hamidah

Another love story come from this sweet couple Farhad & Hamidah. They came to Korea for honeymoon, just some days after the wedding reception. Even though they were kinda still tired because of the wedding reception, the beauty of Korea could distract them to be excited for photosession made by me as they came during the early peak time of Autumn season in Korea. I managed to capture the sweet memory when they became Korean Prince and Princess for some hours in Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul.


Nesa Aqila

Autumn in Korea is always being the most favourite time to visit for tourist. Why? Because you will see the colorful scenery of Korea during that season. Nesa Aqila, Hamidah, and Yusi Yolanda captured their korean autumn drama series in Gapyeong Area by visiting Garden of Morning Calm, staying over night in Car-Pension, as well as visiting the famous Nami Island which is super yellow in October every year. Nesa Aqila and Hamidah who are the social influencer hijaber, with Yusi Yolanda their best-friend manager are always cheerful and really feel the moment when they were traveling in Korea. The tour was arranged by Light&Bright and pictures beautifuly captured by rufustory.



Seoul is always being an expected destination for everyone who likes Korean drama and Kpop. Seoul can be a city which is inspiring for many people, as well as for Ms. Laely who is a book writer. She came to Korea with her beloved son (people mistaken him as her younger brother, since Ms. Laely is still very young) to experience the romantic and beautiful Korean scenery directly by their own eyes.Β 180501RLaely-0002180501RLaely-0064180501RLaely-0121180501RLaely-0159180501RLaely-0174180501RLaely-0186180501RLaely-0247180501RLaely-0276180501RLaely-0277180501RLaely-0278180501RLaely-0326180501RLaely-0445180501RLaely-0505180501RLaely-0511180501RLaely-0599180501RLaely-0600180501RLaely-0619180501RLaely-0647180501RLaely-3061180501RLaely-3094180501RLaely-3128180501RLaely-3139180501RLaely-3181180501RLaely-3230180501RLaely-3259180501RLaely-3272180501RLaely-3303180501RLaely-3347180501RLaely-3372180501RLaely-3450180501RLaely-3492180501RLaely-3528180501RLaely-3577180501RLaely-3616180501RLaely-3621180501RLaely-3624180501RLaely-3640180501RLaely-3659180501RLaely-3694180501RLaely-3703


Chelsea Islan

Welcoming Chelsea Islan who came to Korea for commercial shoot. We had yummy Japanese Gyukatsu dinner and walked around Karosugil area taking some beauty shots. Chelsea herself is already so pretty, flawless and fresh. Every angle matters and turns into a really good photo of her. You will find the iconic pink car of Karosugil, small alley with night-light mood, as well as the famous Mr. Holmes Bake House’s “Baked in Seoul” sign. Ryanogilvy, the famous make-up-artist and Mas Long, our beloved and super friendly manager, were also in shots.




Here I got an honour to welcome Rossa, a really famous Indonesian singer, visiting Korea for the first time. We spent one day going around Seoul city (even though it was rajing the whole day) as well as Petite France and Nami Island on the other day. What a big day for me