Adi Nugroho & Donita

Another lovely romantic family story in Korea come from Adi Nugroho and Donita family. This was their first time visit in Korea, they came in the perfect timing, which is the most beautiful week throughout the year, peak autumn time when every place is colorful because of the autumn trees.

This family is so lovely. They have the special nick name for each member, Poppa, Momma, Mas Vaga and Dadut. Here they are.181027DASRR-2517181027DASRR-2508181027DASRR-2412

Poppa and Momma try to re-enact some Korean Drama scene in the famous photo spot of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Do they look like Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo couple already?181027DASRR-2348181027DASRR-2329

This time, Momma had a great time photo session with her heroes, Mas Vaga and Dadut (who just woke up from his important nap).


Uncle Rufus always have an idea how to make a photo session is fun for kids. Now Uncle asked Mas Vaga to jump and play around. One.. Two.. Three.. and Jumppppp..


And now, Mas Vaga had a race with Momma. Who run faster?


Momma lost the race, so Mas Vaga picked a flower and gave it to Momma. Momma please don’t be sad..


Momma also tried Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes and took some beautiful photos as a Korean Princess. Who do you think a suit name for Momma? Donita Kim?


Mas Vaga and Dadut used all their energy for today, so they slept again. This time, Momma and Poppa’s turn to have their post wedding photo session. Nenek helped to take care of the kids, but Nenek took photos first with the magical yellow ginko trees.


Poppa and Momma with the beautiful yellow ginko trees.


Let’s wrap up the photo session with the poster-alike photo, which is sunset-kiss photo.


You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Sam & Lisa

Autumn in Korea never dissapoint you, it’s very beautiful, especially this year when the leaves turning color earlier. I guess this is the greatest gift from God for this sweet couple, Sam & Lisa, who are going to get married this week. Since the prewedding shoot need to be done earlier, that’s why autumn came earlier as well.

Sam is my christian community leader in campus who always inspires me to grow more spiritually. His love to God is amazing which motivates me to love God as well. I feel so blessed to know him in person, and also being someone to capture their sweetest moment through a prewedding shoot.

Congratulation for Sam and Lisa. Wish you a happilly ever after marriage in Christ.

You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Niki Whulan Autum’s Story in Korea

Last year of November, during the peak season of Autumn, we had session with a sweet couple Niki & Whulan in Seoul. Even though it was raining that morning, the beauty of autumn season of Korea doen’t stop us to capture the moment. The session was the 13th pre-wedding session for Niki and Whulan who were travelling the world while having shoots. They are really handsome and pretty that’s why all the picture I took came out really beautiful. Congratulations for them as they are having a happily ever after marriage life now.


You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Triple Date in Seoul

Dating in Seoul is already everyone’s dream. But can you imagine how fun if it’s triple date in Seoul? Mr. Delon & Mrs. Fika, Mr. Budi & Mrs. Suci, Mr. Mulky & Mrs. Fitri made it happened. The whole photoshoot was so much fun, so much laugh and happines. Every couple has their own love atmosphere and characteristic. The weather is still quite hot on that day, but we did not feel it beacause we had a really good time.

180909 TD-5315180909 TD-5307180909 TD-5336180909 TD-5328180909 TD-5320180909 TD-5374180909 TD-5371180909 TD-5367180909 TD-5167180909 TD-5174180909 TD-5211180909 TD-5272180909 TD-5299180909 TD-5296180909 TD-5294180909 TD-5380180909 TD-5385180909 TD-5395180909 TD-5407180909 TD-5415

180909 TD-5420180909 TD-5496180909 TD-5575180909 TD-5518180909 TD-5440180909 TD-5461180909 TD-5602180909 TD-5607180909 TD-5634180909 TD-5642180909 TD-5670180909 TD-5677180909 TD-5687180909 TD-5689180909 TD-5699180909 TD-5708180909 TD-5728180909 TD-5761180909 TD-5775180909 TD-5773180909 TD-5738180909 TD-5749180909 TD-5764180909 TD-5791180909 TD-5838180909 TD-5844

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If you want to know more about their family’s love ., you can visit and follow their instagram : Mrs. Fika, Mrs. Fitri, Mrs. Suci.

인치홍 & 오온주

They are a sweet Korean couple who really love to travel. Most of the time they date by traveling somewhere. For them, “in life it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with”. Through their adventures, they grew closer and finally decided to start a lifelong journey as husband and wife. From now, you will be my traveling partner forever.

180331 Prewed-0095180331 Prewed-0099180331 Prewed-0315180331 Prewed-0308180331 Prewed-0424180331 Prewed-0463180331 Prewed-0470180331 Prewed-0066180331 Prewed-0062180331 Prewed-0053180331 Prewed-0034180331 Prewed-0047180331 Prewed-2180331 Prewed-0005180331 Prewed-0019180331 Prewed-0179180331 Prewed-0221180331 Prewed-0236180331 Prewed-0258180331 Prewed-0259180331 Prewed-0276180331 Prewed-0280180331 Prewed-0472180331 Prewed-0482180331 Prewed-0495180331 Prewed-0501

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Devid & Rachel

It is a dream for some people to become Korean Prince and Princess for one day for their prewedding photo. This time, Devid and Rachel wrote their own love story wearing hanbok and taking photo in Gyeongbok Palace. They are so young and sweet, the chemistry is so strong an lovable. Wish both of you a happily ever after marriage life soon.

180728 Rachel Devid-0004180728 Rachel Devid-0008180728 Rachel Devid-0013180728 Rachel Devid-0014180728 Rachel Devid-0035180728 Rachel Devid-0037180728 Rachel Devid-0054180728 Rachel Devid-0067180728 Rachel Devid-0069180728 Rachel Devid-0080180728 Rachel Devid-0087180728 Rachel Devid-0100180728 Rachel Devid-0104180728 Rachel Devid-0108180728 Rachel Devid-0121180728 Rachel Devid-0137180728 Rachel Devid-0138180728 Rachel Devid-0144180728 Rachel Devid-0175180728 Rachel Devid-0176180728 Rachel Devid-0183180728 Rachel Devid-0197180728 Rachel Devid-0223180728 Rachel Devid-0231180728 Rachel Devid-0243180728 Rachel Devid-0258180728 Rachel Devid-0264180728 Rachel Devid-0269180728 Rachel Devid-0274180728 Rachel Devid-0275180728 Rachel Devid-0279180728 Rachel Devid-0284

You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Peter & Jennifer at Marina Bay

Who does not know Marina Bay Sands? One of the most famous, luxurious, amazing building complex in Singapore which become the main destination to visit when tourist come to Singapore. The uniquess of the building make everyone want to take a good picture with it.

Jennifer is a friend of mine who had exchange student program in Korea 2 years when we joined a travelling program together and became travel-buddy. She is living in Singapore as well as her boyfriend Peter. Welcoming me in Singapore, they take me around and also introduce me delicious foods. As we touring around, #rufustory managed to capture their romantic relationship story trough the beautiful pictures with the background of the great Marina Bay Sands.