Jiwoo & Peiqi

Singapore also has its own beautiful story. Even though Singapore is just a city state, which is really small compare to most of countries, the human-made tourist attractions in Singapore are incredible well made and beautiful. My favourite one is Garden by The Bay. The magical flower garden with the famous umbrella-like flower tower is the perfect place for taking photos, especially for sweet couple such as Jiwoo and Peiqi. They are so young, sweet and romantic but funny which bring a really fun atmosphere during the session. I remember whenever I finish taking the couple shot, Jiwoo always said “Rufus, please take picture of myself as well for my profile picture” which make us laugh.


Farhad & Hamidah

Another love story come from this sweet couple Farhad & Hamidah. They came to Korea for honeymoon, just some days after the wedding reception. Even though they were kinda still tired because of the wedding reception, the beauty of Korea could distract them to be excited for photosession made by me as they came during the early peak time of Autumn season in Korea. I managed to capture the sweet memory when they became Korean Prince and Princess for some hours in Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul.


Andre & Michelle

Bukchon Hanok Village and Samchong-dong area are always being favourite place to take couple shots. The culture vibe and the korean-drama atmosphere bring a really romantic feeling during the session. This young couple, Andre and Michelle were really sweet and their moment was beautifully captured by rufustory.

Adrian & Vivi

This couple will start rufustory post for photography session. As I take many session for couple, family, friends, etc, I would like to share the rufustory through posts.

Adrian & Vivi are my friends from college. They dated since in university and got married last year. Having vacation to Korea, we managed to travel together to Gapyeong area, visiting Nami Island, Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm as I capture the belated post wedding moment. Adrian is such a funny guy who likes to joke like me, so it is really easy to bring up the mood and good atmospehere even though Adrian doesnot really like taking pictures. Here is my rufustory.