Three Plus One

Back with the family story from Seoul. This time, Mr. Nico and Mrs. Selvy bring along their 4 children for photoshoot at Bukchon Hanok Village.  Surprisingly, three of them are triplet twins, how cute they are! July is officialy the season of summer in Korea, which makes Seoul is really hot, the temperature can be more than 40 during the day. We decided to take photo early in the morning before the sun is too high. I was so excited when I first see the family with 4 children wearing white top and green bottom. Pastel, cute and lovely. We started taking picture when the area is still empty, before the tourists come to flood the area. Fortunately, the mood was so nice, all the children were excited and cooperated well to take picture for around 2 hours even though we had to bribe them with one ice cream at the end of the season. I mean, eating ice cream while having another shoot. What a fun and unforgetable session with ‘three plus one’ children-family.


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Seoul is always being an expected destination for everyone who likes Korean drama and Kpop. Seoul can be a city which is inspiring for many people, as well as for Ms. Laely who is a book writer. She came to Korea with her beloved son (people mistaken him as her younger brother, since Ms. Laely is still very young) to experience the romantic and beautiful Korean scenery directly by their own eyes. 180501RLaely-0002180501RLaely-0064180501RLaely-0121180501RLaely-0159180501RLaely-0174180501RLaely-0186180501RLaely-0247180501RLaely-0276180501RLaely-0277180501RLaely-0278180501RLaely-0326180501RLaely-0445180501RLaely-0505180501RLaely-0511180501RLaely-0599180501RLaely-0600180501RLaely-0619180501RLaely-0647180501RLaely-3061180501RLaely-3094180501RLaely-3128180501RLaely-3139180501RLaely-3181180501RLaely-3230180501RLaely-3259180501RLaely-3272180501RLaely-3303180501RLaely-3347180501RLaely-3372180501RLaely-3450180501RLaely-3492180501RLaely-3528180501RLaely-3577180501RLaely-3616180501RLaely-3621180501RLaely-3624180501RLaely-3640180501RLaely-3659180501RLaely-3694180501RLaely-3703


Chelsea Islan

Welcoming Chelsea Islan who came to Korea for commercial shoot. We had yummy Japanese Gyukatsu dinner and walked around Karosugil area taking some beauty shots. Chelsea herself is already so pretty, flawless and fresh. Every angle matters and turns into a really good photo of her. You will find the iconic pink car of Karosugil, small alley with night-light mood, as well as the famous Mr. Holmes Bake House’s “Baked in Seoul” sign. Ryanogilvy, the famous make-up-artist and Mas Long, our beloved and super friendly manager, were also in shots.