Triple Date in Seoul

Dating in Seoul is already everyone’s dream. But can you imagine how fun if it’s triple date in Seoul? Mr. Delon & Mrs. Fika, Mr. Budi & Mrs. Suci, Mr. Mulky & Mrs. Fitri made it happened. The whole photoshoot was so much fun, so much laugh and happines. Every couple has their own love atmosphere and characteristic. The weather is still quite hot on that day, but we did not feel it beacause we had a really good time.

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Tiffany Jolie

Autumn is always my favourite season of the year. It is super pretty everywhere, especially when all the autumn leaves changing color. Even from early autumn which is late September, some flowers already bloom. One of the most beautiful one is kokia flower. In Yangju Nari Park, 2 hours away from Seoul, there is a really big flower kokia flower garden where you can experience them directly. This time, Tiffany Jolie, an indonesian model joined me for photo session. Get ready to be amazed.

You can only see kokia flower in full bloom shape between September 20 until October 10 every year. If you a little bit late, you will find them withered already.

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Nia Ramadhani & Theresa Wienathan

Nami Island is the one of most favourite place to visit on early autumn. It is because Nami Island is the prettiest during that time. The lined-up ginko trees in Nami Island will turn into magical yellow tree between October 20-30. Last year, I captured the moment of Nia Ramdhani and Theresa Wienathan, Indonesian famous public figure while travelling in yellow Nami.

You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Nesa Aqila

Autumn in Korea is always being the most favourite time to visit for tourist. Why? Because you will see the colorful scenery of Korea during that season. Nesa Aqila, Hamidah, and Yusi Yolanda captured their korean autumn drama series in Gapyeong Area by visiting Garden of Morning Calm, staying over night in Car-Pension, as well as visiting the famous Nami Island which is super yellow in October every year. Nesa Aqila and Hamidah who are the social influencer hijaber, with Yusi Yolanda their best-friend manager are always cheerful and really feel the moment when they were traveling in Korea. The tour was arranged by Light&Bright and pictures beautifuly captured by rufustory.


Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20

Seoul is never enough to offer you instagram-worthy places to visit such as Inside Comic Book – look alike cafe in Yeonnam-dong. The name is Cafe Yeonnamdong 239-20, which is the address of its cafe.


Just located 10 mins away walking from Hongdae station exit 3, this cafe offers you unique experience as you feel going inside a comic book when you enter the cafe building. The interior is only black and white color with hand-painted interior for doors, windows, tables, and chairs.


Just like other cafe, you can order various drinks such as coffee, tea, smoothies, juice, as well as cakes. My favourite one is their authentic ice milk tea, taste soo good, different with the milk tea you buy in gongcha.


The thing you can forget is taking photos with the concept of “being inside the comic book” such as popular Korean drama titled “W”. This time, I visited the cafe with Lee San, Malaysian friend who is also blogger and traveller like me. Check her blog here.



  • Take subway and get off at Hongdae Station, take exit 3
  • Going straight and take 2 o’clock direction on the first BIG 4-INTERSECTION
  • Going straight and take right on the next 4-INTERSECTION
  • Take left on the first 3-INTERSECTION
  • Keep going straight for 30m, and you will see the cafe on your left

*Naver Map




Naejangsan National Park

Naejangsan National Park is the most visited place in November as thousands people come to see the colorful autumn leaves when its hitting the peak. Located in Jeollabuk Province, about 3 hours away from Seoul, Naejangsan is the first most recommended place to spend your autumn holiday in Korea.


Just before you reach the main entrance of Naejangsan National Park, you will find Naejangsan Sculpture Park, which is located 15 mins away.


Once you enter the main entrance, you will understand what beauty of autumn is.


After walking for about 30 mins (or taking shuttle ride for 1000 won) you will arrive at Uhwajeong Pavilion (우화정) which is a pavilion in the middle of small lake. This place is located next to the Naejangsan cable car station.


As you keep walking inside the national park, you will see the Naejangsa Temple, about 10 mins walking from the cable car station.


Do not forget to take a closer picture of the maple tree leaves whose form is so lovely yet colorful.




  • Take bus to Jeongeup Intercity Bus Terminal from Central City Terminal (Honam Line)
  • At the bus terminal, take bus no. 171 and get off at Service Area Naejangsan Bus Terminal (휴게소.버스터미널) Bus Stop.


  • Best time to visit in 2016 is November 9-16
  • Take your own car or go together with travel group (taking public bus by your own is a little bothersome)
  • Come as early as possible (or stay over if possible) since so many people coming to this place, late means you gotta park your car so far away from the entrance or even can’t get seat on the bus.
  • Take the cable car earlier as the queue is longer after the lunch.

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visited on October 29 , 2016

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November Highlight

Say Hi to November from #rufustory featuring #wowkorea! Early November is the prettiest moment throughout the year when the maple trees are hitting the peak and starting to amaze you.

Here is top 4 destinations for you to spend the beautfiful colorful autumn in Korea.

Main copy.jpg

1. Gyeongbokgung (경복궁)

You can find the hidden beauty of magical autumn season in Seoul inside the palaces in Seoul. First, the biggest palace in the middle of Seoul City, Gyeongbokgung. Located in Subway Line 3 Gyeongbokgung Station Exit 5.  *moreinfo


2. Changdeokgung (창덕궁)

Changdeokgung is another story of the autumn in Seoul. Just located next to Gyeongbokgung (1km away), you can see such amazingly colorful scenery in the this palace which is famous as secret garden longtime ago. Located in Subway Line 3 Anguk Station Exit 3.  *more info


3. Deoksugung (덕수궁)

Deoksugung is also famous for its autumn trees which are combined with the magical stone wall. You can also go to a cafe in 13th floor of the building on the left side of Deoksugung to see the colorful scenery from above (free admission). The best time to visit the 3 palaces in Seoul is October 28 – November 5. *more info


4. Naejangsan (내장산)

3 hours ride from Seoul will be more than worthied when you can witness the best, the most beautiful, the most colorful, the super amazing view of autumn season in Naejangsan National Park. As far as you can see, you will just see colorful maple trees which makes you even wanna stay for the whole week there. The best time to visit this place is November 8 – November 15. Located in Subway Line 1 and Line 4 City Hall Exit 2. *moreinfo


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