Seoul is always being an expected destination for everyone who likes Korean drama and Kpop. Seoul can be a city which is inspiring for many people, as well as for Ms. Laely who is a book writer. She came to Korea with her beloved son (people mistaken him as her younger brother, since Ms. Laely is still very young) to experience the romantic and beautiful Korean scenery directly by their own eyes.Β 180501RLaely-0002180501RLaely-0064180501RLaely-0121180501RLaely-0159180501RLaely-0174180501RLaely-0186180501RLaely-0247180501RLaely-0276180501RLaely-0277180501RLaely-0278180501RLaely-0326180501RLaely-0445180501RLaely-0505180501RLaely-0511180501RLaely-0599180501RLaely-0600180501RLaely-0619180501RLaely-0647180501RLaely-3061180501RLaely-3094180501RLaely-3128180501RLaely-3139180501RLaely-3181180501RLaely-3230180501RLaely-3259180501RLaely-3272180501RLaely-3303180501RLaely-3347180501RLaely-3372180501RLaely-3450180501RLaely-3492180501RLaely-3528180501RLaely-3577180501RLaely-3616180501RLaely-3621180501RLaely-3624180501RLaely-3640180501RLaely-3659180501RLaely-3694180501RLaely-3703


Yellow Nami

The best time to visit Nami Island in a year is late October (usually October 20-30). Why? Because Nami Island is turning yellow for those days.


Before you reach the main spot in Nami Island, you gonna pass this pathway with baloon lamp decoration. It’s already beautiful, isn’t it?


Not only the ginko trees which are turning yellow, but other trees are turning into other colors such as red, brown, orange, etc. I love visiting Nami Island during Β Autumn!


Here’s the main spot of Nami Island. The lined ginko trees which look like a yellow painting on late October. These pictures were taken October 23rd, 2015.


Taking hundred pictures in this amazing view is a MUST. Sometimes your camera can’t capture the real beauty of what you see in Nami Island, so bring a good camera and a photographer-friend if possible!

But Yellow Nami also attracts so many visitors during this period, the vistors can be 2-3 times more even on the weekdays. When I took picture, actually so many people behind me, luckily I got some moment when they didn’t appear on this picture which can ruin my wonderful picture.



You can spend the whole day in Nami Island when you come when its peak. Why? Because it seems like not being in other place, not the usual Nami Island which is only green. So many beautiful spots with the yellow ginko trees like the lake and the single tree.



  • Take ITX from Yongsan Station to Gapyeong Station for 55mins (cost 4600 won).
  • When you get out from Gapyeong Station, you can take taxi for 10 mins (3000-5000 won) or take the Gapyeong shuttle bus for 6000 won or normal bus for 1300 won.


  • Book the ITX through online on, even 2 weeks before because those period is usually fully booked, or juts take the normal train if you don’t get any.
  • If you’re planning to visit only Nami Island, it’s better to take the taxi to be faster. But if you plan to visit other places (Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm) you can take the Gapyeong shuttle bus for 6000 won (all day ride).
  • Come early in the morning! You might have to wait for more than 1 hour just to take ferry to Nami Island if you come after lunch time
  • I recommend you to visit only Nami Island and spare much time. I had to queue for 2 hours only to take the ferry back to the entrance when I visited last year (it was 2pm in the afternoon).
  • In 2016, my prediction (based on friends who went there & recent photos from instagram) the peak time would be October 22-30 this year. You can’t visit too late otherwise all the yellow leaves are already on the ground.

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