Baeneomsil Village, Jinan

I discovered another yellow paradise in Korea. This huge canola flower field is located in Baeneomsil Village, located 15 mins away from the nearest city Jinan (4 hours away from Seoul). The canola field is so big and located just beside a small stream of Yongdam Lake and beautiful Wolpo Bridge as a background.


It is magical yellow everywhere which is amazing. The thing is not many people know about this people, so you can enjoy it as your own paradise.


The place is quite far from the city, but if you have a chance to visit, it’s worth to try.



  • First, you have to get to Jinan City. There’s two way to get there

1a) Go to Jeonju by taking bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal which runs every 10 min start from 12.800 won (standard bus).

1b) As soon as you arrive in Jeonju, take intercity bus to Jinan from Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal (it’s 5 min walking if you get off at Jeonju Express Bus Terminal). The bus runs every 20 min for only 3700 won, 1 hour ride.

2) Take direct bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Jinan Bus Terminal. But, there are only 2 bus going there per day, 10.10 and 15.10 and cost you 15.000 won.

  • Second, as you are in Jinan Bus Terminal, take local bus to Geumji Village (금지마을) for 1000 won 15 min ride. The bus passing the village is not many : 11.00, 11.40, 12.55, 15.00, 18.20, 19.10. You have to be careful of this and ask the driver first to make sure it’s the right bus. Everything will be in Korean and they do not speak English. You can ask like this “Geumji maeul kasijyo”? (Youre going to geumji village right?)
  • Before you get off at Geumji Village Bus Stop, you gonna see the huge canola field on your right. As you get off, walk to the place for 5 min. Remember the place where you get off. 
  • Take the bus from the bus stop where you get off to Jinan Bus Terminal. The afternoon schedule is only at 15.00. Do not miss it.

Note : The easier way to get there is taking taxi from Jinan Bus Terminal to Geumji Village for about 20.000 won 15 mins ride. 

Visited on April 205th, 2017


Wansan Park, Jeonju

If you look for the King Cherry Blossom and colorful Royal Azaleas, Wansan Park in Jeonju is the best place to visit. Since it’s located just next to Jeonju Hanok Village, you can reach this place after you spend some hours in the famous Hanok Village, only 30 mins by walking.


King Cherry Blossom is another type of Cherry Blossom flower, but the flower is more pink, bigger and has more petals.


Royal Azalea in Wansan Park has some two colors, the red and pink one.


Something you can’t forgot is taking good photos.




    • You can get to Jeonju by taking public bus from Express Bus Terminal to Jeonju city which is available every 10 mins
    • If bus terminal is too far from your area, the easier way to travel is joining oneday shuttle bus to Jeonju organized by Trazy where they have pick up points on popular area such as myeongdong, hongdae and dongdaemun. Click here Travel with Trazy
    • Once you arrive to Jeonju City (by your own) or to Jeonju Hanok Village with Trazy, read my instruction bellow.


  • Walk from Bus Terimal to Geumam Gwanjang Intersection (금암관장사거리) for about 5-10mins, and take right and you will find bus stop. Take bus 165.
  • Get off at Nambu Market Bus Stop (남부시장). As soon as you get off, go to your left and keep going straight until you see a river and bridge.
  • (If you wanna visit after spending time in Jeonju Village, you can go to a big road next to Jeoju Cathedral, and turn left, towards a river and bridge)


  • As you find the bridge, you will see small hill on your right.


  • Find the entrance to the hill (steep stairs) and Wansan Park is just behind that hill.


  • Take the stairs and as soon as you reach the top, take left, go straight untill you find way down exit, and take left again and you will see the entrance of the Wansan Park on your right.


Visited on April 25th, 2017


Seoul’s Hidden Canola Fields

Good news for everyone who is looking for the yellow canola flowers in Seoul area. You do not need to go to Busan or Jeju Island for canola flowers since you can see them in Seoul. It’s not as big as the field in other place, but it’s worthy to visit and take pictures, since its 30 mins away from downtown.


Canola flowers in Seoul usually bloom on April 10th until first week of May (depend on the weather, rain and wind). In 2017, in my prediction, the best time to visit is April 18th – April 23th.


The canola flowers grow bellow the Gwangmyeong Bridge (광명대교), just next to the Anyang stream nearby Guil Station. Gwangmyeong Bridge is seen in the picture below.



The location is quite hard to find as it is quite far from the nearest subway station, which is Guil Station (Line 1), about 1,3km away (20mins walking). Here’s the detail direction.

As you arrive at Guil Station, take exit 1 (the exit gate is shown below)


As soon as you go out, turn right and you will see the entrance of a bridge which will accros the stream.


At the end of the bridge, turn left (under the flyover road), go straight.


When you the find a pathway going down, go down to the jogging and bicycle track beside the Anyang stream (stream should be on your left side)


This is the jogging and bicycle track beside the stream. Keep walking straight.


First, you will see tulip fields, and the canola fields is just behind it.


Keep going straight until you find the yellow canola fields.


Here’s the direction in map

KakaoTalk_20170420_021313409 copyKakaoTalk_20170420_021344502 copy