Princess Moonella

Hi Uncle and Aunty, my name is Princess Moonella. Last week, I went to Korea with family and experienced wearing Korean Traditional Cloth, Hanbok, strolling around Gyeongbokgung Palace while Uncle Rufus took thousands picture of me being very beautiful and cute Korean Princess. Get ready to be overloaded with my cuteness XD


Actually, I already had too many photo session for myself, that’s why this time I take picture with Mommy.


I also picked a pretty daisy and gave it to Mommy when I was having session.


This time, it’s handsome Cocon’s turn to pose on the camera


Mommy and Daddy also took post-wedding picture wearing Hanbok.


And now family picture time~~


Ama also did some pose~~


Aunty Iing, Uncle Dafid, and Koko Rico were also really pro taking family picture~~


Now, let’s take picture all together


You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Tatjana Saphira Attending Seoul International Drama Awards 2018

Seoul International Drama Awards 2018 is held on Monday, September 3rd in KBS Hall, Yoido, Seoul. The event started at 5.30pm for the red carpet and 7pm for the main event. Actors, actresses, producers, writers from all over the world attend this prestigious annualy event, one of them is Tatjana Saphira, representing Indonesian actress. Tatjana received Asian Star Prize award for her act and dedication in many Indonesian films. Wearing a beauriful dress by @biyanofficial and styled by @wanda_haraa, Tatjana impressed the media and korean audience with her beautiful look which make up done by @ryanogilvy.


The beautiful dress of Tatjana was specially handmade by a famous Indonesian designer, Biyan Wanaatmadja who inspired by Sumba, an amazing island in eastern Indonesia which famous for its nature, to make this dress with authentic traditional Indonesia’s Sumba pattern and details which shows the rich of Indonesia’ s heritage culture. All the moment of preparation, red carpet, awarding, and after party were beautifully captured by @rufusazarya. Big credit goes to Mr. Jusuf Long as Tatjana’s Manager for this collaboration.


When she received award, she intriduce herself in Korean language, which is so surprising for korean. She deliver her gratitute to her parents, team and everyone who support her. She wish that Indonesia’s film industry can keep growing better.


After the event, they have quick session to congratulate other celebrity while taking picture with them. Tatjana managed to talk and take pictures with Korean actress such as Son Ye Jin and Lee Boyoung. The stage was the main sport for us taking many pictures.


Congratulations for Tatjana Saphira who make every Indonesian’s proud of their greatest achievement.


You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Gangnam with Edho Zell

Edho Zell, one of the most famous youtuber from Indonesia made a visit to Seoul, South Korea for “creator summit” event, held by youtube. After busily attending the event, we accompanying Edho Zell strolling around Gangnam area while enjoying the colorful city light. Thankyou for always being an inspiration, good influence and good example for many Indonesian people, especially thankyou for having session with us.


You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Jolie’s Night

Everycorner of buildings turns out into a super cool spot when you bringin a model for photo-session. Jolie is just being her own trueself, showing me her deep own looking-eyes, pose what she wants. She is a fashion, she is the color. The night is belong to her.


You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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This Korea trip is very special because Victoria celebrating her sweet 17th birthday in Korea together with her beloved parents and also her best friends. We strolled around Seoul and captured their happiest moment with such cool pose, in common ground, a really cool landmark, which building design is mostly made of blue container.


You can create your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Devid & Rachel

It is a dream for some people to become Korean Prince and Princess for one day for their prewedding photo. This time, Devid and Rachel wrote their own love story wearing hanbok and taking photo in Gyeongbok Palace. They are so young and sweet, the chemistry is so strong an lovable. Wish both of you a happily ever after marriage life soon.

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You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Light at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

We did some fun photo session with the light at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, one of the most iconic architecture in Seoul city. This place is a landmark which has exhibition hall, stores, park as one complex building. It is really famous of its unique, artistic and sophisticated design, and it has light at night which makes it more beautiful. Another perfect place to have photo session.


You can gave your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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