Sam & Lisa

Autumn in Korea never dissapoint you, it’s very beautiful, especially this year when the leaves turning color earlier. I guess this is the greatest gift from God for this sweet couple, Sam & Lisa, who are going to get married this week. Since the prewedding shoot need to be done earlier, that’s why autumn came earlier as well.

Sam is my christian community leader in campus who always inspires me to grow more spiritually. His love to God is amazing which motivates me to love God as well. I feel so blessed to know him in person, and also being someone to capture their sweetest moment through a prewedding shoot.

Congratulation for Sam and Lisa. Wish you a happilly ever after marriage in Christ.

You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Niki Whulan Autum’s Story in Korea

Last year of November, during the peak season of Autumn, we had session with a sweet couple Niki & Whulan in Seoul. Even though it was raining that morning, the beauty of autumn season of Korea doen’t stop us to capture the moment. The session was the 13th pre-wedding session for Niki and Whulan who were travelling the world while having shoots. They are really handsome and pretty that’s why all the picture I took came out really beautiful. Congratulations for them as they are having a happily ever after marriage life now.


You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Nova is Seoul Out!

Bachelorete trip is always so much fun when you spend quality time with your best friend’s last trip as “single”. Seoul will the perfect destination for this kind of trip because everyone knows that Love is from Seoul. Nova will get married in some months as she wanted to experience being a Korean princess for some hours while her bestfriends take care of her with love. The colorful pastel color of their hanbok outfit and their full-of-love-friendship made the photo session was really unforgettable, even me, the photographer was having really great time.

180910 Nova-7122180910 Nova-7105180910 Nova-7093180910 Nova-7096180910 Nova-7104180910 Nova-7100180910 Nova-7079180910 Nova-7073180910 Nova-7064180910 Nova-6990180910 Nova-7002180910 Nova-7004180910 Nova-6840180910 Nova-6833180910 Nova-6825180910 Nova-6806180910 Nova-6798180910 Nova-6959180910 Nova-6969180910 Nova-7021180910 Nova-7029180910 Nova-7046180910 Nova-7125180910 Nova-7135180910 Nova-7140180910 Nova-7145180910 Nova-7161180910 Nova-7153

After they had fun taking photos as the King’s daughters, they came back to the present time, wearing white color-themed-outfit celebrating the happiest moment of their friendship before Nova is officialy seoul-ed out.

180910 Nova-7260180910 Nova-7270180910 Nova-7287180910 Nova-7290180910 Nova-7302180910 Nova-7308180910 Nova-7317180910 Nova-7326180910 Nova-7344180910 Nova-7347180910 Nova-7361180910 Nova-7381180910 Nova-7402180910 Nova-7405180910 Nova-7452180910 Nova-7456180910 Nova-7457180910 Nova-7464180910 Nova-7467180910 Nova-7470180910 Nova-7474180910 Nova-7476180910 Nova-7485180910 Nova-7501180910 Nova-7506180910 Nova-7512180910 Nova-7517

You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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인치홍 & 오온주

They are a sweet Korean couple who really love to travel. Most of the time they date by traveling somewhere. For them, “in life it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with”. Through their adventures, they grew closer and finally decided to start a lifelong journey as husband and wife. From now, you will be my traveling partner forever.

180331 Prewed-0095180331 Prewed-0099180331 Prewed-0315180331 Prewed-0308180331 Prewed-0424180331 Prewed-0463180331 Prewed-0470180331 Prewed-0066180331 Prewed-0062180331 Prewed-0053180331 Prewed-0034180331 Prewed-0047180331 Prewed-2180331 Prewed-0005180331 Prewed-0019180331 Prewed-0179180331 Prewed-0221180331 Prewed-0236180331 Prewed-0258180331 Prewed-0259180331 Prewed-0276180331 Prewed-0280180331 Prewed-0472180331 Prewed-0482180331 Prewed-0495180331 Prewed-0501

You can create your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Devid & Rachel

It is a dream for some people to become Korean Prince and Princess for one day for their prewedding photo. This time, Devid and Rachel wrote their own love story wearing hanbok and taking photo in Gyeongbok Palace. They are so young and sweet, the chemistry is so strong an lovable. Wish both of you a happily ever after marriage life soon.

180728 Rachel Devid-0004180728 Rachel Devid-0008180728 Rachel Devid-0013180728 Rachel Devid-0014180728 Rachel Devid-0035180728 Rachel Devid-0037180728 Rachel Devid-0054180728 Rachel Devid-0067180728 Rachel Devid-0069180728 Rachel Devid-0080180728 Rachel Devid-0087180728 Rachel Devid-0100180728 Rachel Devid-0104180728 Rachel Devid-0108180728 Rachel Devid-0121180728 Rachel Devid-0137180728 Rachel Devid-0138180728 Rachel Devid-0144180728 Rachel Devid-0175180728 Rachel Devid-0176180728 Rachel Devid-0183180728 Rachel Devid-0197180728 Rachel Devid-0223180728 Rachel Devid-0231180728 Rachel Devid-0243180728 Rachel Devid-0258180728 Rachel Devid-0264180728 Rachel Devid-0269180728 Rachel Devid-0274180728 Rachel Devid-0275180728 Rachel Devid-0279180728 Rachel Devid-0284

You can write your own beautiful photo story in Seoul with #rufustory.

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Jiwoo & Peiqi

Singapore also has its own beautiful story. Even though Singapore is just a city state, which is really small compare to most of countries, the human-made tourist attractions in Singapore are incredible well made and beautiful. My favourite one is Garden by The Bay. The magical flower garden with the famous umbrella-like flower tower is the perfect place for taking photos, especially for sweet couple such as Jiwoo and Peiqi. They are so young, sweet and romantic but funny which bring a really fun atmosphere during the session. I remember whenever I finish taking the couple shot, Jiwoo always said “Rufus, please take picture of myself as well for my profile picture” which make us laugh.