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Autumn is always my favourite season of the year. It is super pretty everywhere, especially when all the autumn leaves changing color. Even from early autumn which is late September, some flowers already bloom. One of the most beautiful one is kokia flower. In Yangju Nari Park, 2 hours away from Seoul, there is a really big flower kokia flower garden where you can experience them directly. This time, Tiffany Jolie, an indonesian model joined me for photo session. Get ready to be amazed.

You can only see kokia flower in full bloom shape between September 20 until October 10 every year. If you a little bit late, you will find them withered already.

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Yangju Nari Gongwon (양주 나리공원)

Yangju Nari Gongwon (양주 나리공원) is a big flower field, which has  Amarath (purple), Cosmos Flower (orange) and other kind of flowers, located in Yangju, Gyeonggido, 1 hour away from Seoul. This flower field has best time to visit on September when the flowers are fully bloomed.


The purple amarath flower field is really pretty, seems like flower fields in European country.


You also can find cosmos flower field, which is orange and some other colour here.


  • Take subway Line 1 to Yangju Station
  • In front of Exit 2, you can find a bus stop, take bus no. 80 and get off at Haedong Mael Bus Stop (해동마을 전류장) for about 15 mins ride.
  • The field is just exactly behind the bus stop


  • Early September would be the best time for visit (heavy rain could make the flowers wither faster)
  • Come early in the morning for cooler temperature and less people.
visited on September 14th, 2016

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